The concept of the circular built environment is slowly gaining momentum within UK construction

At its core, the circular built environment seeks to shift away from the linear material use prevalent in construction today (‘make, use, discard’), eliminating the concept of “waste” by designing buildings and infrastructure that can be dismantled, reused, or repurposed at the end of their lifecycle.

A Vision for Value – inspiration and perspective at the North East England Construction Summit 2022

We really enjoyed the North East England Construction Summit 2022, hosted by CENE’s OneVoice at Ramside Hall last month. As Tim Bailey, the Chair of CENE said in his opening address, the day was “a whirlwind trip through what’s happening in the region and what people are thinking about in the medium and long-term future.” […]

Benefits of the Platipus Earth Anchoring System for our residential project at Briar Row, Durham

Every site has its own unique challenges, but we are particularly proud of the innovations that we have employed in preparing our site at Briar Row in Pity Me, Durham. This site featured a steep, overgrown bank to the rear of the proposed houses and alongside clearance and excavations for construction, further groundworks were also […]

McCarrick Construction – “CITB funding saved us money and improved skills” “CITB funding has led to a trio of benefits for McCarrick Construction. The simple process of applying for approximately £900 to upskill their plumber, Alan Welsh: – Will save the company £500 a year; – Ensures McCarrick Construction has an even wider range of expertise to offer its clients; – Has led to the […]