The new Social Value Toolkit in play at DurhamGate Custody Suite, Spennymoor

Vision for Value North East Construction Summit 2022 – Follow-Up At the CENE conference in November, industry collaboration was illustrated by an example from Dr Oliver Jones from Ryder Architects who described, alongside Michelle March, Durham Constabulary’s Head of Estate, the new Social Value Toolkit they had implemented alongside the design of their new-build, 48-cell […]

A Vision for Value – inspiration and perspective at the North East England Construction Summit 2022

We really enjoyed the North East England Construction Summit 2022, hosted by CENE’s OneVoice at Ramside Hall last month. As Tim Bailey, the Chair of CENE said in his opening address, the day was “a whirlwind trip through what’s happening in the region and what people are thinking about in the medium and long-term future.” […]

It pays to pay promptly – our commitment to the Prompt Payment Code

The collapse of Carillion in 2018 didn’t come as a surprise to many. Among the symptoms of cashflow issues was their notoriety for being a slow payer, taking up to 120 days to settle their invoices. While sometimes necessary, it’s hard not to see the culture of gradually extending payment deadlines as exploitative, often rendering […]