The stars of tomorrow

We are very proud to announce our sponsorship of Chester Town U10 Lions football team.

As well as being a generally nice thing to contribute to our community, sponsorship of a children’s team also fits perfectly with our ethos of promoting apprenticeships wherever possible. In supporting a children’s team financially, we’re showing children that effort and teamwork have value. Over time, and with the help of coach Steve, they will celebrate their successes and experience failures together, nurturing resilience and learning the importance of putting in hours of practice to improve their performances. At the end of it some children may have discovered talents with which they might be able to support themselves, and some may not. All the children, though, will have had a great time taking part and as young adults may well go on to enjoy a richer social life and better physical and mental health as a result. Either way, this is a win-win. Of course, all of the above could also apply to apprenticeship schemes, which we are long-time supporters of. Investing in young people is literally investing in the future, and we as a company are delighted to be in a position to be able to help. Wishing the best of luck to Steve and the Chester Town U10s this season.